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You can showcase your latest products to an audience that is eager to  find new and innovative ways to drive profits!  Whether or not your  products are stocked by major distributors, Cutting Edge Products gives  you the opportunity to reach out directly to the retailers who are  looking for new products to drive their businesses. This is a  cost-effective way to showcase your products to 8,000 True Value  Retailers across the country.

Published twice a year before each Market, reaching out to all  members gives you a chance to showcase your products, their features and  benefits, and tell retailers exactly where they can go to purchase your  products.

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In this Issue:

  • Made in America: Answering the Call for American Made Products
  • Spotlight on Business: 5 Trends You Need to Know
  • Lawn and Garden: Backyard Chefs Fire Up Sales
  • Paint and Sundries: Post Painting Tips on Pinterest
  • Housewares and Consumables: Getting the Scoop on Housewares
  • Hardware and Building Supplies: Specialty Services Keep Customers Coming Back

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